Sachiyo Watanabe

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Place of Birth : Michigan, USA
Habitat : Yokohama city, Japan

NHK Enterprises, NHK, Tokyo, Japan
Illustrator for Towa No Izumi on NHK

  • Worked on 20 illustrations used as important props in the TV drama aired in 2012
Flipbook Exhibition 4 "Light", Tokyo, Japan
Paticipated in the group exhibition of flipbook, called Parapara Manga Kissa Ten 4

  • Created a flipbook made of transparent cell called "In The Myst," and  another kind of "Black Lighted Flipbook" using highlighter pen.
NHK Enterprises, NHK, Tokyo, Japan
Illustrator for Sijuukunichi No Recepi on NHK

  • Worked on 46 illustrations used as important props in the TV drama aired in 2011
NHK, Group Gendai, Tokyo, Japan
Animator and illustrator for Hikari No Ijin, Kage No Ijin on NHK

  • Worked on illustrations of Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla's childhood used in the TV documentary aired in 2010
  • Worked on animation part describing the history of electricity
Flipbook Exhibition 3 "Garden", Tokyo, Japan
Paticipated in the group exhibition of flipbook, called Parapara Manga Kissa Ten 3

  • Created 5 Phoenakistiscopes with the shapes and drawings of flower and bug related design
Wako High School, Kanagawa, Japan
Guest Lecturer

  • Teach students about creating short movies including animation
Benesse, Tokyo, Japan
Illustrator for The Gigantic Turnip in Benesse's educational magazine
for toddlers
  • Illustrated and wrote picture book of "The Gigantic Turnip"
Kodansha, Tokyo, Japan
  Cartoonist for Kazaokimori No Kuro on Kodansha's website called "Michao!"

  • Created 4 episodes of cartoon about Kuro, a crow kid who cannnot fly and his friends
NHK, NHK Enterprises, Tokyo, Japan
Animator for Minna No Uta's Shiawase Daifuku on NHK

  • Worked on animation for "Shiawase Daifuku," a song by Sansaro, for TV programm called "Minna No Uta" aired in 2007-2008
NHK, Tokyo, Japan
Director and Animator for " Which Color Do You Choose For A Rainy Day?"

  • Worked on animation for advertising 5th NHK Mini Mini Film Award  as a prize of 4th NHK Mini Mini Film Award


NHK, Tokyo, Japan
Won Grand Prix at 4th NHK Mini Mini Film Award with "Memory Player"
  • Worked on animation along with the theme "communication" 


NHK, Tokyo, Japan
Won Best Technical Award at 3rd NHK Mini Mini Film Award with "Crow -Family-"
  • Worked on animation along with the theme "family" 


SBMM, Buddiez, Tokyo, Japan
Creator of "Tobe Nasu Rocket (The Eggplant Rocketship)" for Ohanashi Ehon Club(The Children't Book Club)
  • Organized staffs, wrote script, designed illustration and animated characters
Fall 2004
Crow Animation, Yokohama, Japan
Crow's Teeny Tiny Exhibition

  • Organized a personal exhibition at hair salons, Pas a Pas and Step by Step
Spring 2004
Asahi Newspaper, Tokyo, Japan
Illustrator for Asahi Weekly
  • Created Illustrations for essays published on Asahi Weekly, the English Newspaper in Japan
G-Creators, 10GAUGE, Tokyo, Japan
Story Board Artist, Layout Artist, 2DAnimator for Project PAPO on WOWOW

  • Worked on 4 story boards of 5 minute animation shorts
  • Dealt with the whole process of production as Layout Artist, Tradiitional Animator, etc
  • Performed as a translator between foreign CG artists and Japanese staffs
Sunrise, Eyedentify, Tokyo, Japan
Freelace Animator, Motion Capture Operator for SD Gundam Force series on Cartoon Network
  • Modified motion-captured data and created character animation using Filmbox
  • Worked under tight deadlines, creating 25% of the 3D CG animation
  • Performed as a liaison between a foreign CG artist and a Japanese director and other staffs
Spring 2003

G-Creators, Tokyo, Japan
  Flash Animator for DigiGirl, the first flash-made animation TV series in Japan
  • Created character animation, camera works using Flash
Spring 2003

Dentsu Eye, Tokyo, Japan
 Animation Director for Merry X'mas Doromi, an animated short for Shinjuku MYLORD advertisement
  • Created stories, designed and animated characters and backgrounds using After Effects
Fall 2002

Nickelodeon Animation Studios, New York, NY
Senior Digital Animator for Little Bill, a top-rated preschool TV show
  • Animated multiple-character scenes, using 2D puppets in After Effects and PhotoShop
  • Worked under tight deadlines with extremely specific requirements
  • Guided Junior animators and fellow animators to finesse their animatio
Freelance Coordinator and Translator for interviews by Animage, Tokuma Shoten's Magazine
  • Translated from English to Japanese and vice versa for interviews regardin Nickelodeon's production system
  • Worked closely with Nickelodeon's press department

NHK, Studio Zero, Tokyo, Japan
Claymation Assistant for Petit Petit Anime, an educational preschool show
from the largest broadcasting company in Japan

  • Attended to daily operations of Studio Zero, Shinichi Suzukifs animation studio
  • Created cute 3D clay characters and background sets; coordinated shooting
Spring 1999

SQUARE Soft, Tokyo, Japan
3D CG Animation Intern for Final Fantasy VIII, a successful video game for PlayStation
  • Animated live-action style movements of 3D CG characters using Soft Image

Tokyo University Contents Program, Tokyo, Japan

  • Learning how to become a producer
Fall 2004-2007
New York University Continuing Education Program, New York, NY
  • Gained proficiency in Maya's basic 3D CG functions
Fall 2001
Keio University Graduate School of Media & Governance, Tokyo, Japan
  • Master's Degree, GPA: 2.6/3.0
  • Final Project: Thesis on Character Animation
Brown University, Providence, RI
  • Exchange Student, Film Study
Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
  • BA in Environmental Information, GPA: 2.8/3.0
  • Gained proficiency in basic computer science and computer art.
  • Final Project: Interactive Picture Book
Computer: After Effects, Photoshop, Filmbox, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Soft Image, Illustrator, Premiere, Director, Animation Master, Hypertoon, Media100 MSWord, Quark, C programming, HTML, on Mac, PC, UNIX
Language: Fluent in Japanese, English

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